Towards even better service - Our Service Principles


News 1.8.2017

Our customer service compiled new common service principles during March 2017. We arranged a workshop that took place in Jūrmala, Latvia. The aim was to go through customer service principles and upgrade them to meet with the elements of the successful modern sales and customer service. These new updated customer service principles are the result of the discussions from the customer service workshop.

We value positive customer experience and therefore we base our service principles on providing great customer service. We believe, the compiled service principles have a significant impact on the customer experience. Responding to all contacts and providing quick service shows that our promises are being kept. Listening closely and giving clear answers according to the customer’s situation means to us that our customers are offered the best possible solutions. Keeping in touch regularly shows that we value and care about our customers. Always staying polite and professional means that we respect our customers. Checking and making sure everything is correct before sending the order shows that we are trustworthy.

Our entire customer service follows the same principles regardless of the geographic location. Updating our knowledge and skills helps us to continuously develop in our field.