We deliver services in every link of the supply chain

Our supply chain extends from procurement to the careful packaging of products and reliable transportation. We ensure that the products we deliver are safe to handle, transport and use. Large volumes create cost efficiency in transportation. We deliver products flexibly from our local warehouses in Pennala and Turku as needed.

Scheduled deliveries enable products to be delivered at the same pace as our customers’ production needs. In this way, our products do not take up extra storage space. Naturally, we also take care of all permits and documents related to deliveries.

Our assortment includes a wide range of chemical products for industrial production processes. We serve companies in several different industries, including the food industry, agriculture, the mining and chemical industries, metal production and the textile industry. Our customers also operate in the plastics and rubber industries, construction, environmental technology, coatings, cosmetics and hygiene.

Our own production in Kvarntorp

Algol Chemicals is a complete supplier of Ammonia within Scandinavia. Our products are used in all types of industries and applications.

Our new production facilities are located in Kvarntorp, Sweden just south of Örebro. This is a very strategic location within our Nordic market and provides us with excellent opportunities for deliveries via both road and railway. We can offer you deliveries that meet your specific requirements regarding quality and quantities.

Warehousing and packaging services in Turku

Our operations at the Port of Turku include toll manufacturing, bulk breaking and warehousing. In addition, we offer tank rental services in the area. The location allows for both land and sea transportation.

All our operations are ISO-certified and comply not only with the highest safety standards but also with the requirements of REACH and chemicals legislation. We regularly organise safety drills together with local rescue services.

In Turku, our customers are served by a team of chemical handling professionals with extensive experience in both liquid and solid classified chemicals and raw materials.

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