Metal Treatment

Surface treatment for metals

We offer a wide range of products and process expertise to meet all needs in the metal industry. Our portfolio includes chemicals for the surface treatment of metals and process water treatment.

We provide access to the state-of-the-art surface treatment products and expertise of international and respected suppliers.

Our portfolio and expertise cover the following areas:

Machining & Component production

  • Metal working fluids
  • Cleaners for Industrial washing machines
  • Solvents

Product Coating

  • Pretreatment for liquid and powder coatings
  • Conversion coatings and passivations
  • Paint removal and coagulation


  • Degreasers, pickling acids and additives
  • Process chemicals for corrosion protection, decorative and functional layers
  • Anodes and metal salts

Hot Dip Galvanizing

  • Degreasers, pickling acids & additives
  • Flux salts & additives
  • Passivations 
  • Acid and flux regeneration units

Heat Treatment

  • Anhydrous ammonia 
  • Cleaners for industrial washing machines
  • Safety trainings

Process control and waste treatment

  • Dispensing and dosing equipment
  • Filter pumps and oil separators
  • Wastewater treatment chemicals

Our long-standing relationships with the best European manufacturers and more than 300 regular suppliers ensure that we offer our own customers the best products on the market.


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