Solutions for refrigeration needs

Our solid experience in refrigeration solutions and understanding of the challenges in the industry help us find the best solutions for your refrigeration needs. Our portfolio includes ammonia and refrigerant solutions, as well as oils and lubricants for the maintenance of refrigeration equipment.

We also offer an ammonia recycling service, which includes the delivery, transportation and proper recycling of ammonia for reuse. In addition, we provide training services for the safe handling of ammonia.

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The properties required of heat transfer fluids vary according to the requirements of the production process. Choosing the wrong product can damage the system. Leaks caused by corrosion or seal degradation often require extensive repairs. Therefore, the heat transfer fluid should always be chosen carefully.

Our portfolio offers the right product backed up by the appropriate technical support for all applications. Our experts can assist in selecting the most suitable product. Our strong industrial know-how combined with our market-leading expertise in heat transfer is at your disposal.

Choosing the right heat transfer product will ensure that the fluid works properly without risking damage to the process equipment.


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