Only minor disruptions to our material deliveries – Sales team continues to work during crisis


News 6.4.2020

Algol Chemicals is supporting Finnish industry and making every effort to enable our customers to continue their operations despite the exceptional circumstances.

We supply raw materials and products to many companies and communities that are essential to the functioning of society. Ensuring the continuity of operations is particularly important in the exceptional circumstances in which we now live and work.

We are working continuously to improve safety in all our operations and locations. We are currently recommending that our employees work remotely in all tasks where this is possible.

In tasks where working remotely is not possible, we are making sure that they too can be performed safely during the coronavirus pandemic. We have instructed our supervisors to point out ways in which employees can maintain a high level of hygiene when performing their work tasks. In addition, employees are following specific instructions at each of our locations.

We are prepared for possible disruptions

Our company supplies a wide range of industrial chemicals, specialty chemicals and polymers for industrial production processes. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has so far been quite small on our material deliveries, and we have been able to meet almost all orders. However, we are prepared for any possible disruptions to the supply chains and logistics for some products that may occur.

We are monitoring closely market developments and any decisions by our principals that could affect deliveries. In the event of any long-term delays, we will be in direct contact with our customers.

Despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, our customer service and sales continue to operate normally.

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