Customer satisfaction survey results

News 19.12.2022

This autumn an independent research partner conducted a customer satisfaction survey among a random sample of Algol Chemicals customers in all our market areas.

By commissioning an independent research company to conduct the survey, we wanted to obtain honest and constructive feedback from our customers. The feedback was collected through telephone interviews. We are happy to state that our customer satisfaction has been improving remarkably. Our net promoter score (NPS) was 51 while the amount of promoters was 59% and passives was 34%.

Our customers describe us, above all, as trustworthy and reliable. We managed the best in terms of service attitude of our sales personnel, quality of technical competence and quality of products. We received a grade 8.3 out of 10 for responsibility. Environmental aspects were considered as the most important corporate responsibility aspects.

Based on the feedback received in the survey, our customers would wish us to communicate more about our portfolio, our services and provide further digital services. We will focus on these in our upcoming development.


Word size refers to the number of mentions.


Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted annually in our company.