Algol Group supports Finnish and global causes this Christmas

News 1.12.2022

As in previous years, the Algol Group is donating to Finnish and global causes this Christmas instead of sending out cards and gifts.

Algol has supported the same causes for several years. This year, donations are being made once again to the following:

According to Algol Group CEO Alexander Bargum, a suitable balance between large and small organisations, as well as Finnish and international causes, has been sought.

“We want to support a range of causes that are important to us and are connected, for example, to the environment, safety and different age groups. We feel it is important to support the valuable work of these organisations on a long-term basis,” Bargum says.

This year, Algol has also donated 50,000 euros to humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Half of the amount was donated to UNICEF’s Ukraine Fund and half to the Disaster Relief Fund of the Finnish Red Cross. The company has also donated smaller amounts to support other non-profit causes during the year.

More information

Alexander Bargum, CEO, Algol Group, tel. +358 40 732 3232.

Algol in brief

Algol is a Finnish multi-branch company specialising in international trade. We have been operating responsibly with an international network of partners for more than 127 years. Our solutions improve the quality of industrial production and ensure smooth operations. In the healthcare sector Algol’s solutions promote the conditions for healthy living.

The Algol Group had net sales of 151 million euros in 2020. We employ almost 500 professionals in ten countries. Algol Chemicals belongs to Algol Group.