Algol Group donates 50,000 euros to university fundraising campaigns


News 12.1.2016

The Algol Group has donated a total of 50,000 euros to the University of Helsinki, the Aalto University School of Business and the Hanken School of Economics.

By doing so Algol is participating actively in the major fundraising campaign of Finnish universities based on the State co-financing commitment of 2014. Accordingly, State co-financing may amount to a maximum of three times the value of donations. The donations and co-financing shall be invested in funds, and the return on the funds shall be used to support scientific activities and education at these universities.

“High-level scientific research and university education are the cornerstones of Finland’s success and wellbeing now and in the future. Ensuring sufficient funding for our universities in these challenging economic times reflects our long-term and unwavering belief in the power of education. We also know that the exchange of ideas and experiences between universities and the business world enriches both partners,” says Alexander Bargum, Managing Director of the Algol Group.

The last time Algol made such significant donations to Finnish universities was in 2010.