Algol Chemicals launched new product at the Kuninkuusravit event in Finland


News 12.9.2018

The Finnish Kuninkuusravit 2018 event was held in Rovaniemi, Finland at the Mäntyvaara racetrack during the 28th to 29th of July. The event is one of the biggest harness racing events in Finland and has attracted more than 50, 000 visitors this year. At the event Finnhorses race to win the king and queen title. The horses that have reached the best total time in the three races over the two days are crowned as king and queen.

Algol Chemicals launched a new bedding additive at the event. Neutra is a product designed for horse stables. It is mixed with the bedding in the stall. Neutra improves the ability of the bedding to bind moisture and prevents ammonia gases released from the urine. Especially moist tissues such as the eyes, nose, mouth and respiratory mucous membranes of both horses and humans are at risk for being damaged by exposure to ammonia. The use of the bedding additive has a significant effect on ensuring the well-being of horses and humans in addition to preventing respiratory diseases. Neutra improves the air quality by neutralizing harmful gases from the air. At the same time Neutra helps maintain the nutritional content of manure while also improving its composting properties.

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