Dowanol DPM

Country: Estland
CAS-number: 34590-94-8
Product code DONO-DPM-DR
Package-size: 195 kg vaat
DOWANOL™ DPM glycol ether is a mid-to slow evaporating solvent. This hydrophilic solvent has 100% water solubility and is ideally suited as a coupling agent in a wide range of solvent systems. DOWANOL™ DPM glycol ether has a higher flash point than DOWANOL™ PM glycol ether making it easier to handle, store, and ship. Often incorporated into latex emulsion coatings DOWANOL™ DPM glycol ether can be used to prevent shocking (coagulation of emulsion) when hydrophobic solvents are used. More broadly, its hydrophilic nature makes it an ideal coupling aid in water reducible coatings, and cleaning applications. DOWANOL™ DPM glycol ether’s intermediate evaporation rate allow it to be used in a potentially wider range of systems than many other solvents