Success story: UAB Cosmoway, Lithuania

Customer Case

A successful business relationship is all about confidence and support. UAB Cosmoway, a Lithuanian developer and producer of cosmetics & beauty products, has been pleased with their cooperation with Algol Chemicals. Their cooperation started in July 2018 when they were contacted by Ruta Dreiziene from Algol Chemicals Lithuania who introduced them Omyadent® and Omyacare® from Omya.

That time Cosmoway was developing a new toothpaste for their Green Feel cosmetics line and needed calcium carbonate for the formulation. Algol Chemicals provided them with samples of Omyacare®, a high purity natural calcium carbonate, together with Omyadent® 100, a source of calcium and phosphate, ensuring enamel remineralization and whitening.

Cosmoway’s R&D and Quality Control Specialist, Augustė Šarkauskaitė, was impressed with the bright white colour of Omyacare®  and knew immediately that they had finally found what they were looking for and that the ingredients fit perfectly with the whole concept of the Green Feel’s toothpastes.

Cosmoway’s R&D team started testing Omyacare® together with Omyadent® and the sensory profile such as colour, abrasivity, density and mouthfeel was superior compared with other calcium carbonate samples, from other sources, used together with Omyadent®.

At Cosmoway they find that Omyadent® adds value to the remineralization of the tooth enamel and contributes to the effectiveness of their toothpastes which were evaluated with the dentist supervision and the results were excellent.

“There are other options of hydroxyapatite in the market but Omyadent® together with Omyacare® gives us a feel of nature, transparency and sustainability together with very good effectiveness. This is what we are always looking for in our cosmetic products and what we pay attention to when choosing raw materials”, Augusté Šarkauskaitė affirms. 

While Cosmoway was formulating the new product, the role of Algol Chemicals and Omya was important. Whenever they needed help or support, Ruta Dreiziene was there for them. Cosmoway ended up using Omyacare® S 80-AV together with Omyadent® 100. There weren't any stability issues with the toothpastes with this combination and they were happy with the creamy and rich consistency which was something that their customers liked about in their toothpastes.

In the future Cosmoway sees Algol Chemicals as their distributor and a friend of their company and laboratory. They know that they can trust Algol Chemicals supplying them with very good ingredients and they will be happy to work together also in the future trying new ingredients of Omya that Algol Chemicals can supply them with.

Omya in brief

Omya is a leading global producer of minerals such as calcium carbonate and dolomite, and a worldwide distributor of specialty ingredients. In oral care, Omya minerals are known as multifunctional ingredients, providing excellent cleaning performance, enamel remineralization, whitening and desensitization benefits. 

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