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The terms “life cycle thinking”, “the circular economy” and “sustainable development” are on everyone’s lips these days – and for good reason. At the current pace, many of our planet’s natural resources may not last even until the next century. In Finland, our natural resources lasted until April, after which we have consumed more than natural resources have replenished. Fortunately, steps are being taken actively to reduce over-consumption, and a growing number of companies are taking sustainable development seriously in their operations and offerings.

One of the most popular schemes in Nordics that aims to promote sustainable development and reduce the consumption of raw materials is the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. This standard sets strict conditions for production in terms of energy consumption, the types of chemicals that are used and packaging. At the same time, it promotes the use of condensed products. In order to qualify for the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, a product must be safe for consumers and conform to the highest standards, performing at least as well and for as long as other similar products.

The EU Ecolabel scheme is part of the European Commission’s policy regarding sustainable development and manufacturing that aims to reduce the harmful effects of consumption and production on the environment, health, the climate and natural resources. Like the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the purpose of the scheme is to promote sales of products with a high level of environmental protection. The criteria for obtaining the EU Ecolabel are based on the highest level of environmental protection achieved by similar products within the EU. As a result, only 10 to 20 percent of products within each category are expected to meet the criteria.

Thanks to the public debate and various ecolabel schemes, consumers too are more enlightened these days. The new Act on Public Procurement and Concession Contracts in Finland encourages environmental aspects and ecolabels, such as the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and EU Ecolabel, to be taken into consideration in public procurements. For example, procurement agencies may now demand that products and services being tendered have a specific ecolabel.

Ecolabels offer companies the benefits of standing out from the competition, profiling themselves as the environmentally friendly alternative, making them more competitive in public tenders and growing their market shares.

We at Algol Chemicals are doing our share to support sustainable development by taking part in circular economy projects and continuously seeking new eco-friendly suppliers and product to further expand our portfolio.

Our long-term partner Estichem is a Danish supplier of ester-based technologies used in chemical products that is passionate about environmental, health and safety issues. Estichem supplies solvents and surface-active ingredients used in detergents and cleaning products, as well as formulation end products like Esticlean AR and AR-plus. These products represent a completely new kind of formulation technology that work just as effectively as traditional hydrocarbon solvents and that rinse easily in water. Esticlean AR and AR-plus do not contain any harmful organic compounds and are listed as unclassified substances according to the CLP Regulation. All of their components are biodegradable, and they qualify for both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

If you are developing new products, Estichem is ready to help with your formulation work!


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