Developing our product range and supply chain as a component of more sustainable development


As part of our responsibility strategy, Algol Chemicals aims to renew its product range in a more sustainable direction. When selecting new products, numerous aspects are taken into consideration, such as the product's carbon footprint and the circular economy. The suppliers of the products are also evaluated from the perspective of responsibility. Only those who meet our customers' requirements are selected.

“We are constantly evaluating new products together with our suppliers as part of our responsibility strategy. Our goal is to offer customers more and more options for greener choices over the coming years,” says Päivi Autiovuori, HSEQ Team Leader at Algol Chemicals.

Autiovuori also highlights even more detailed assessments of business risks than before as being an important part of the company’s responsibility strategy. “We have always conducted risk assessments, but now we must take into account the effects of external phenomena on our operations even more closely. The depletion of natural resources and disruptions to production and transportation caused by climate change may affect the reliability of our product deliveries,” says Autiovuori and continues: 

“For example, we may have to look for alternative or new sources of raw materials at very short notice in order to meet our customers’ expectations and needs."

Closer attention is also being paid to the selection of partners. All suppliers and subcontractors must sign our Supplier Code of Business Conduct.

“We pay attention to the value chain, and we have guidelines and principles for the selection and evaluation of partners. We also evaluate product suppliers from a responsibility perspective and choose those that meet the requirements of our customers, not only in terms of comprehensive product documentation but also in terms of corporate responsibility,” Autiovuori says. 

Responsibility report to be published next spring

Feedback from customers and various responsibility assessments have served as a good guideline for planning our responsibility strategy and developing this work. The assessment reports have confirmed the need, recognised by the company itself, to publish a responsibility report.

“Our responsibility report, which is now being prepared for the first time, will help us present the work we have done in the area of environmental, social and financial responsibility in a consolidated and clearer way. The report will communicate to our partners what we have already done so far, but also what can be expected from us in the future. In addition, it serves as an internal responsibility manual for employees, as well as a management tool,” states Autiovuori. 

Algol Chemicals’ responsibility report will be published in spring 2023 as part of the Algol Group’s responsibility report. 

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