Water Treatment & Emission Control

Environmental technology solutions

Environmental technologies are designed to maintain, monitor or reduce the negative environmental impacts of existing technologies and the consumption of resources.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of chemicals for process and wastewater treatment. We have expertise in biofuels and the treatment and recovery of biowaste. We also offer products for soil remediation and road maintenance, including environmentally friendly solutions for de-icing and dust binding.

Water treatment

We offer a broad selection of water treatment chemicals from reputable European suppliers. We also provide technical support for using and storing these products. 

Our portfolio includes precipitation and disinfection chemicals and biocides, as well as buffering and pH adjustment products.
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Solutions for winter road maintenance

Alongside traditional salts, organic compounds such as potassium formate have been developed that reduce the environmental problems associated with traditional salts and work excellently even in colder conditions. Potassium formate melts ice and snow quickly, efficiently and in an environmentally friendly way. It is chloride-free and is classified as environmentally safe.

Oil spill prevention and clean-up

An ecological solution for oil spill prevention and clean-up. The patented OilDeg product family is a patented Finnish innovation for preventing and cleaning up oil spills in water and clean oil-contaminated soil using the bioremediation method. Applications range from small oil spills to large land masses.

OilDeg and OilCatcher are safe, ecological and effective oil repellents for soaking up oil or similar contaminants from nature and for the biological purification of the environment. These products are suitable for cleaning both land and water areas.

You can search for our products using the search engine below.