AC-TMT®15: Safer solution for cleaning heavy metals from flue gas


AC-TMT®15 is a ready-to-use 15% aqueous solution of trimercapto-s-triazine, trisodium salt - an organosulfide serving as the active agent. It effectively precipitates monovalent and bivalent heavy metals from wastewater, including cadmium, copper, lead, mercury, nickel, and silver, even in the presence of complexing agents that hinder hydroxide precipitation.



Waste incineration/thermal utilisation:
Heavy metals are released in incineration processes that burn municipal and industrial waste. High combustion temperatures lead to the transfer of heavy metals into flue gases, particularly the volatile ones like mercury and cadmium. While purification methods like flue gas scrubbing effectively remove these hazardous substances, they generate substantial amounts of scrubber water highly contaminated with heavy metals.

Coal-fired power stations:
Coal contains small quantities of toxic heavy metals, which are released during combustion. The conventional desulphurisation processes in coal-fired power plants result in resaleable gypsum and polluted wastewater.

Plating and surface finishing:
Industries employing processes such as electroplating and circuit board production often use solutions containing heavy metals. These processes generate wastewater and use process solutions that vary significantly in heavy metal complex concentrations.



AC-TMT®15 operates effectively within a wide pH range, both in alkaline and acidic environments. It seamlessly integrates into existing wastewater treatment plants, avoiding costly secondary treatments. The thermally stable heavy metal-TMT compounds are suitable for spray-drying processes.

AC-TMT®15 is a ready-to-use solution that is safe to store, producing no decomposition products and featuring no odor or hazardous substances.

Environmental friendliness:
AC-TMT®15 boasts favorable toxicological and ecological characteristics, creating compounds that are challenging to leach and safe for landfill disposal.