Our sustainability targets for 2022-2024


Target: 0 accidents and 59 safety inspections

To achieve our targets, we conduct regular safety inspections and drills at all our locations. All employees have access to electronic systems for reporting safety observations (Granite) and misconduct (Whistleblowing). Most safety observations are made during safety rounds, and we regularly monitor the number and content of these observations. 

We provide employees with all the necessary safety training required for their work during their orientation, in accordance with the annual training plan, and always in connection with any changes to our operations. Our employees have access to a wide range of safety-related online training (e-academy).


AC_Safety Reports_2021

Wellbeing at work

Target: Healthy and committed employees 

The wellbeing of employees is monitored through good supervision, regular performance improvement discussions and occupational wellbeing reports. 

The score for our employee wellbeing survey conducted in spring 2021 was 3.9/5, which is above average in relation to the comparison group. A positive aspect that was highlighted in the survey was the support available from the work community. An area that called for improvement was the mental and cognitive load of work.

In order to reduce workloads, we have taken measures involving organisational changes and streamlining processes, for example. Careers at Algol are typically long, the average lasting 8.2 years, and approximately 30% of Algol employees having worked for the company for more than 10 years.


Supply chain responsibility

Target: Responsibility evaluation of cooperation partners

Our values are accountability, development and collaboration. As part of the chemical supply chain, we carry our responsibility for the proper functioning, development and cooperation within our supply chain. We provide online training to teach our values and code of business conduct; this training must be completed by all employees and is easy to repeat as needed. 

Our suppliers and subcontractors are required to sign our Supplier Code of Business Conduct. We have guidelines and principles for selecting and evaluating partners. We also evaluate our suppliers in terms of sustainability and select suppliers for our products that meet the responsibility requirements of our customers. 

Product safety and compliance are important to us. We systematically collect information and product documentation in order to comply with REACH requirements and packaging and food legislation, for example. We ensure that our products meet the quality and purity requirements set for them and that the packaging is properly marked. We pass on product information within the supply chain and openly inform about changes in products or related regulations.



Target: Sustainable use of resources and fewer emissions 

We have identified the environmental impact of our operations. As a distributor and packager of chemicals, the most significant environmental impacts result from the use of resources in our own production facilities and the transportation of our products from our warehouses to those of our customers. 

We are constantly looking for ways to prevent and reduce waste. Where possible, we use recycled packaging and return discarded packaging for reuse. We pay attention to the environmentally responsible procurement and use of energy, electricity and water. 

To reduce emissions from the transportation of our products, we collaborate and look for solutions together with our suppliers and transportation providers. 

Algol Chemicals Oy has signed up to the sustainability assessment system Ecovadis. We are also committed to promoting the use of sustainable palm oil through our membership in RSPO. 




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