We can also offer you a complete range of iron chlorides (PIX) and aluminum chlorides (PAX) used as coagulants for drinking and waste water treatment.

Algol Chemicals stores and handles ferric chloride (PIX) and aluminum chloride (PAX) in our modern and automated tank facility with a capacity of 600 m³ product. The annual handling volume amounts to about 25,000-30,000 tonnes.

For our producer’s behalf we receive deliveries by rail cars which we then store for onward distribution by tanker or IBC (intermediate bulk containers).

Algol Chemicals can offer you a complete range of coagulants from our storage or directly from our producer, we supply both by tanker and IBC.

Products stored in Kvarntorp, Sweden:

  • PIX -111 Ferric Chloride
  • PAX-XL 100 Polyaluminium Chloride
  • PAX-215 Ironless Polyaluminium Chloride