TMT 15®: Safer solution for cleaning heavy metals from flue gas


News 9.5.2016

TMT 15® is a 15 % aqueous solution of Trimercapto-s-triazine, trisodium salt (C3N3S3Na3, CAS-RN17766-26-6). It is mainly used by Garbage Incineration and Coal Fire Power Plants to get rid of heavy metals in the flue gas, so they are clean when it leaves the stack. TMT is used to precipitate single and bivalent (2+valent) heavy metals such as Ag, Cd, Cu, Ni, Zn, Hg, Pb as well as Thallium from wastewater streams.

TMT 15® has been used in several hundred plants for many years. Here are some examples for the success stories of using TMT 15®:

Combustion plants

incineration plants (domestic waste, biomass, refuse derivated fuel)
special/hazardous waste incineration plants
coal fire power stations
flue gas scrub and condense water treatment
alkaline scrubbers (to minimize mercury emissions in clean gas)

Metal industry

electroplating shops
printed circuit board industry
other industries with waste water problems (heavy metals)

Further industries

chemical industry
mining industry 
photo industry (silver recovery)

“Compared to Sodium Sulfide which used to be well known heavy metal precipitator in the old days, TMT 15® is safer, has a higher efficiency and is a more sustainable solution. Sodium Sulfide is today classified as poison (dead head) and is very tricky to handle. TMT 15® is totally harmless and much more efficient”, Jan-Olof Bengtsson from Algol Chemicals explains.

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