Textile & related industries

Our textile industry portfolio includes everything from fiber pretreatment chemicals to finishing solutions for ready-made textiles. We deliver speciality chemicals for fibre finish and sizing, for pretreatment and optical brightening, for dyeing and printing, as well as for finishing. Our broad range of product solutions enhances the properties of apparel and other textiles in applications as diverse as high fashion, automotive, home textiles and special technical textiles.

Our offering contains color matching technology, trend monitoring, as well as sector specific concepts – all this for helping our customers to generate greater value from their products.

Key markets

  • - Apparel – including clothing of all types and fashions
  • - Home textiles – such as towels, drapes, linens, and furniture fabrics
  • - Technical textiles, also nonwovens  –  applications including medical, construction, industrial, carpet, automotive and sports
  • - Carpet – indoor and outdoor floor coverings
  • - Transportation – fabrics in hard-wearing transport applications (planes, buses and trains)
  • - Other related industries

Product range

  • - Fibre finishing agents
  • - Sizing agents and auxiliaries
  • - Pre-treatment process chemistry
          • --- enzymes, surfactants, mercerizing auxiliaries, sequestering and neutralizing agents, stabilizers, reductive bleaching agents, etc.
  • - Optical brighteners
  • - Dyes
  • - Dyeing auxiliaries
  • - Pigment preparations, dyes and auxiliaries for printing
  • - Textile finishing additives and solutions
          • ---for softness & sewability, shrink resistance, repellency & soil resistance, moisture management, strength & flexibility, flame retardance, shaping & resilience, antimicrobial protection, etc.

For further information, please visit http://www.bpt.archroma.com/products-services/.

Daina Kļava +371 29437117 daina.klava@algol.lv
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Daina Kļava +371 29437117 daina.klava@algol.lv
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Daina Kļava +371 29437117 daina.klava@algol.lv
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